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Leading Italians Want Less Nudity

August 20, 1998

ROME (AP) _ Squirming on behalf of society, a group of Italian celebrities, politicians and business leaders have signed their names to a ``declaration of discomfort″ over the nudity omnipresent in Italy’s media.

Photos of all-but-naked women are everywhere in Italy _ splashed across on the front pages of mass-circulation dailies, on TV screens and plastered on the sides of buses. Accustomed to the exposure, the average Italian doesn’t even blink.

But a group of prominent protesters _ including Rome’s mayor, the head of the Bank of Italy, members of Parliament, a popular singer and a national news anchor, Enrico Mentana _ opted for a dignified protest.

All signed an anti-nudity-proliferation statement in the upcoming weekly magazine Liberal, Italy’s AGI news agency reported Thursday.

``We believe it’s worthwhile to signal disapproval,″ the opponents said, sounding less than hopeful of results. Italian media regularly promise to change, but don’t.

The civic leaders intended their protest not as a manifesto or an appeal, AGI said, but as a kind of ``declaration of discomfort.″