REALTOR OF THE WEEK Family tradition helps Carter in real estate

September 9, 2018

Louise Carter, a Realtor with Greenwood King Properties, has followed a family tradition.

“My mother has been a Greenwood King Realtor for 22 years, my older sister for 11, and my father began his career in commercial real estate,” Carter said.

Even though this family of Realtors are not an official team, they do help each other, and are able to cover for one another if one of them is out for any reason, which is a benefit to the clients.

“Clients do not have to wait if one of us is out; we always are available to assist a client,” Carter said.

After graduating from college, Carter worked with a title company for a nearly a decade, where she not only obtained valuable information but also honed a host of other skills, all of which benefit her clients today.

“When it comes to working with a title company, it can be confusing for many clients, especially regarding required insurance, surveys, title company comments, etc.,” Carter said.

Yet, because of her experience she is able to explain this to her clients and navigate the transaction seamlessly.

“When I am working with a client, I have mental deadlines about the documents and work required after a home has been chosen and we begin moving forward to closing,” Carter said.

This greatly helps her clients and the ease of the transaction.

Carter’s main focus area is inside the Loop, where she grew up and continues to call home with her family.

So she knows the area. And, due to being a native Houstonian, she knows the city and surrounding area well.

The majority of Carter’s clients come from referrals, so she goes where they want to go or where they are interested in Houston or any of the surrounding areas.

When it comes to buyers, Carter offers a tip.

“It is helpful for buyers to spend time and make a list of exactly what they are looking for, and then when you find it, buy it. Often times if you hesitate, you will miss out on the property,” Carter said.

When it comes to sellers, Carter recommends listening to your Realtor, for they will have helpful tips and suggestions on how to help you sell your house quicker and for a better price.

Carter credits her success to her passion for people and making their real estate dreams come true.

“My clients are most often my friends, and if they are referrals, we become friends. You can never have too many friends,” Carter said.

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