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Governor Gets Bottle Bill After 20 Years of Wrangling

August 30, 1986

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ Lawmakers have ended 20 years of debate on a bottle bill, sending the governor a proposal adding 1 cent to the cost of each container of beer or soda and create 2,000 redemption centers for empties.

Supporters said the measure would help reduce litter and save natural resources by stimulating the recycling of empty cans and bottles.

Some consumer groups oppose the bill, contending it won’t be effective.

Assemblyman Burt Margolin, who introducted the bill, said he did not know if Gov. George Deukmejian would sign the legislation, approved Thursday by both the state Assembly and Senate.

The bill would cover beer and soft drinks in glass, aluminum and plastic containers beginning Sept. 1, 1987.

The 1-cent redemption value would increase to 2 cents Dec. 31, 1989, and to 3 cents Dec. 31, 1992, if the penny failed to bring in at least 65 percent of a particular type of container.

Anyone who returned an empty container to a recycling center would get back the redemption value plus an extra amount to cover the scrap value of the container and any unclaimed redemption values.

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