PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ The menu at Amos House will include an item rarely seen at a soup kitchen - fillet of shark - a gift of three fishermen.

''People are starving every day,'' said Joseph Czerwein, 29, one of the three who caught the 199-pound blue shark Saturday, 40 miles offshore in the Snug Harbor Shark Tournament.

''This will be a nice surprise,'' said Sister Judy Soares, who works at Amos House, because the ''guests like seafood.''

Amos House serves dinner for 300 to 500 people at noon on weekdays.

Co-director Jim Tull said Amos House had received donations from fishermen before, but the shark was a first.

''We'll fillet it up probably,'' Tull said.

Czerwein and his companions brought the 10-foot shark to Amos House on Saturday evening. It took five men to carry it into the freezer.

The fishermen also caught a 100-pound shark Sunday but kept that one.