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Plane Lands Safely At Newark International With Hydraulics Problem

August 11, 1989

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) _ A Braniff Airways flight from New York to Florida made a safe emergency landing at Newark International Airport today after a warning light indicated a hydraulics problem, officials said.

″We had nothing but a faulty warning system,″ said Braniff spokesman Don McGuire in Orlando, Fla.

He said the incident drew exaggerated attention after an airport spokesman reported that the Boeing 727′s primary hydraulic system failed and that the plane landed using a secondary system. McGuire said it was the warning light, not the system itself, that had failed.

Rescue crews stood by as the plane landed safely about 9:30 a.m.

One passenger, Robert Schoeppler of New York, said that after landing, the captain announced one of the hydraulics systems ″conked out.″

There were 99 passengers and a crew of seven aboard Flight 341, which had taken off a short time before from New York’s La Guardia Airport, bound for Orlando.

Hydraulics systems enable the pilot to operate the wing flaps and other equipment. Large jets are designed so if one fails, the plane can still fly on backup hydraulics systems.

A failure of all three hydraulics systems on a DC-10 en route from Denver to Chicago was blamed for last month’s crash landing of a United Airlines jet at Sioux City, Iowa, that killed 111 people. In that case, the systems failed after an engine disintegrated in flight and bits of metal damaged the hydraulics lines.

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