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Hog Callers Crank the Volume

March 2, 1991

WEATHERFORD, Okla. (AP) _ There were soo-eees, and then there were SOO-EEEEES 3/8

Volume was the ticket to winning Saturday’s World Championship hog-calling contest.

″He was awfully loud. He sounded like a siren,″ Weatherford Daily News publisher Phillip Reid said of Kelvin Grimes’ winning call in the hog category, for contestants age 16 and older.

Reid, who served on the Hog Wild Planning Committee, described Grimes’ call this way:

″There was a long sooooo-eeeee - seemed like it lasted forever. It kind of shook the PA system. Then he went into a pig-type thing. It sounded more like peg than pig. Then he ended up with a squeal that sounded like a combination of a pig call and a souiee.

″The crowd really loved it,″ Reid said.

Despite the name, most of the 65 people to compete in the fourth annual contest were from western Oklahoma.

About 500 people, half the number expected, braved a cold, spitting rain to listen to the callers on an outdoor stage.

Two-year-old Kathleen Lowry of Weatherford won the piglet category for the youngest contestants, but Reid said the brown-eyed tot had an advantage.

″Her grandparents have a pig farm here. I think she does this at livestock auctions. She pretty much acted like she knew what she was doing,″ Reid said.

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