Proposal to expand risk orders to minors clears Senate

March 6, 2019

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state Senate has approved a proposal to expand the state’s extreme risk order law to include minors.

The bill would give courts the ability to apply the orders to minors. Their parents would be required to keep their guns locked up.

The bill passed on a 43-5 vote, sending it to the state House.

Supporters described being motivated to reduce school shootings. Critics questioned whether they might be misused.

Created by a 2016 initiative, extreme risk protection orders allow police to remove firearms from people deemed a risk.

In 2018, the Seattle Times reported that police in that city had seized 43 guns in the law’s first year, including from suicidal people and people who had threatened others with their weapons.

Along with expanding the orders to minors, the bill would make violation of one of the orders a felony on the second offense rather than the third.