Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

January 22, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to AZ or out of staters who can get in and out of huge pickup trucks that look like you need a stepladder, or are oversize in length to use but feel the need to park in the handicap parking places or “compact” spaces. Hope it comes back to bite you. Some truly need those spaces.

Orchids to Congressman Gosar for reminding us that our Army was meant to defend our borders not fight all over the world in endless battles. The Army Corps of Engineers, with help of other soldiers, will take care of us as intended.

Onions to the white Challenger that speeds way to fast down neighborhood streets. Everyone needs look both ways constantly not to get ran over.

Orchids to the balloon pilot that took our special needs students up on their special day for free. He said, “This is what we are all about.” Onions to the other pilot that said, “This is a business.” Thank you so much! I’m just sorry the wind came up.

Onions to the woman who fawned over the Safeway checker who was so friendly and talkative. I waited in the “express line” with two items, listening to her and the three behind her dote on the balloon festival. One women’s orchid is another man’s onion.

Onions to the restaurant that has offered the same boring menu for years. Works for tourists, not for locals. How about offering us something new to look forward to?

Onions to the public servant. “Ignorance is bliss!” they say. It’s evident you’ve been blissed beyond belief!

Orchids to Veterans Thrift store on Acoma. Such a caring and helpful group of people. Thank you so much for helping with a travel wheelchair. Check them out they are tops.

Orchids to using a mini binder clip to secure an uncooperative plastic tube of toothpaste. Just roll down like in the olden days and use the clip to hold in place. I prefer the flip top as it can be stood on end and takes less space.

Orchids to the amazing Michelle at Ashley Furniture. This is what an excellent purchase experience should be! The redhead was laser focused on making my bride and me perfectly happy, at the best possible price! Thanks also to manager Peggy handling 1,000 details with smiling efficiency!

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