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Transcript: Convicted murderer’s jail call

August 13, 2014

Seth Mazzaglia was convicted of raping and murdering Elizabeth “Lizzi’ Marriott and is set to be sentenced Thursday to life in prison. The following is a transcript of a jailhouse call between Mazzaglia and his mother, Heather Mazzaglia, from Aug. 6 and provided by the state. Seth Mazzaglia had asked a judge to excuse him from attending the sentencing but has withdrawn his request.

“Jacque” and “Melissa” are Joachim Barth and Melissa Davis, his lawyers.


Heather Mazzaglia: Have the lawyers come to visit you at all?

Seth Mazzaglia: Um, rarely because it’s a bit of a haul for them but they’re supposed to come visit me before the 14th. I’m gonna see.


SM: If there’s any way I cannot attend the 14th.

HM: Either what?

SM: That I cannot go to the 14th. I already know what everyone’s gonna say there so why the hell do I have to be there? And it’s a waste of my time.

HM: Yeah, well it’s, it’s for them.

SM: Yeah, well I’m not feeling particularly gracious at the moment.

HM: I know.

SM: Heh. If I had been found innocent of the big stuff like I should have been, and like I am, now then it might be a different story. Then, then I might have some sympathy.

HM: Well.

SM: But.

HM: Yeah, all you can do is regret your part in it. And.

SM: Yeah, but I’m gonna have to sit there for an hour and a half listening to them yell and whine and bitch and moan and scream about how I’m a monster who killed someone when I’m not. That’s what I’m literally gonna have to listen to for the whole time.

HM: (Unintelligible)

SM: It isn’t gonna be like, oh, you took away our chance of burying her. It’s gonna be you’re a monster and that’s what it’s gonna be over and over and over again. Ah.

HM: So anyway. Anyway. I’m, I mean you can, they’re, they’re in misery. I mean they’re in agony, their, their daughter is lost. I would be the same if it were you but, you know, you have to sympathize with what they’ve lost and I, ask, um, ask Jacque and Melissa. I mean and the verdict took long. I don’t see why you, eh, it’s, you’re allowed to say that. I don’t know. I don’t know what they allow you to do.

SM: Well, my preference would be not to attend the sentencing hearing on the 14th. I can get an after action report that tells me everything I already know’s going to happen there.

HM: I think you have to be there to be sentenced so. I think they have a right to confront you because the jury found you guilty.


SOURCE: New Hampshire Judicial Branch.

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