Help others thrive in your community -- Samuel Ludke

September 22, 2018

I recently volunteered for the Salvation Army, and it was a eye-opening experience. I got to experience first-hand the troubles and struggles of others.

Homelessness is not a joke. I saw people with nothing to their names, rejoicing at the discovery of a new piece of clothing donated by a generous outsider. I am not one to sit and watch while my community suffers. If these folks have a chance to go back to their normal lives, they can change the world.

I didn’t realize that my help, even a small amount of it, can transform lives. I encourage each reader to consider the lives of others around you. Your community counts on the strength of its members. Do what you can, and others will be released from their shackles and thrust into new purpose in their existence.

This is my challenge to you.

Samuel Ludke, Wisconsin Rapids

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