Jani Williams: Socialism isn’t good for America

March 6, 2019

Editor: In trying to make socialism palatable, letter writer Michelle Whelan is erroneous on several points. First, firefighters, police, and sheriff’s departments are not forms of socialism because they are operated by local taxes and are subject to local policies and the local taxpayers.

Second, Social Security is operated by the federal government, however it is not free. We have paid in for 60 years or more and anyway we are told that it will be bankrupt in a few years, so how is that working out? Medicare is also not free.

Money is taken out of our checks monthly, and we pay a large amount. for a deductible. Not all of our money covers the cost, and taxpayers are indeed covering it for us, but it is still not free.

Third, the Bernie Sanders, et al., type of socialism being touted now declares that all services will be federalized and be free to the users. Someone else will be paying for these benefits.

On another note, adding all the homeless and illegals to free medicare for all will certainly add months to getting an appointment with your doctor. In Lake Havasu City this is already a problem during the winter months if not an emergency. Our hospital does a fine job taking care of the increased population, but adding many more people in need will certainly overpower the facilities.

Good try on sugar coating the socialism ideology. It is NOT for America.

Jani Williams

Lake Havasu City