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NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Britney Spears owns a New York restaurant that was named Nyla to honor the Big Apple and her home state of Louisiana. But Spears is a customer at a Mississippi eatery called Nyla's too.

Nyla Price, owner of Nyla's Burger Basket, in Osyka, Miss., was in New York for the grand opening of Spears' restaurant Thursday, said Becky Millien, a waitress and cook at Price's restaurant.

Millien said the singer orders grilled chicken sandwiches when she's staying at her home about four miles west in Kentwood, La.

``And she likes mustard greens,'' Millien said Saturday.

Millien declined to say if Price has any connection to Spears' Southern-style restaurant other than the name. Price was traveling and unavailable for comment, Millien said.

A message left at Spears' restaurant was not returned.