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Iran Not A Threat To The U.S.

Letter to the EditorMay 24, 2019

Editor: Here we go. First, we withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal (Obama’s best foreign policy achievement). Then, we reimposed sanctions; then a terrorist organization; then we imposed an international oil embargo. Now we are sending a carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf because “unspecified” sources allege that Iran is planning to attack our interests in the region. Anyone with common sense knows that the Iranians would not commit such a suicidal blunder. This is all a plan to prepare the American people for an attack on Iran. Why are we doing this? Iran is not a threat to the U.S. They are only a threat to interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia. John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and other Washington war hawks are leading us into a disaster that could become global. We give Israel and Saudi Arabia billions of dollars and supply them with the latest military equipment to defend their territories, instead they use it to slaughter thousands of innocent people in order to kill a few insurgents. We have lost way too many young men and women for the fat cats in the Middle East, while they have more than enough firepower to fight their own battles. Our presence in the Middle East hasn’t resolved any problems, it has only aggravated historical problems there. We cannot defeat an ideology with military power. I am totally opposed to the Democrats’ radical domestic policies, but given the choice, I would take them over the war mongering and nation building of the present administration. Dale D. Ondish SHAVERTOWN

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