Orchids and Onions: Monday, November 19, 2018

November 20, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Doug Heldt we have had children and now grandchildren in sports. He is the best coach we’ve seen. He is patient, fun, inspiring the kids do their best because they want to. Thanks for volunteering your time and giving the kids something to look forward to besides iPad time.

Orchids to Anna at Walmart bakery. She went over and above for our art cake at the Havasu Art Center grand opening. She drew our logo freehand and it was awesome. And the cake was delicious with lots of compliments. Sending our cake needing friend your way. Thanks Anna. Deb and friends.

Orchids to the ladies in the office of Parker and Desert Pest control. You are always so sweet to talk to every month on the phone. Thank you for always calling me the day before so I can get ready for my bug guy. You make my day.

Onions to a lifeguard on our beaches, just post a lot of signs that there is no guard on duty and it becomes the parents responsibility to watch their family members. Maybe even signs on the launch ramps and docks, to avoid litigation from dumb boaters. WP

Orchids to Walmart for doing my holiday grocery shopping for me. You guys are awesome and always provide the best service. Kudos to the free grocery pick up department! I use it often and never disappointed.

Orchids to Millennials who swear to stop using, “No problem!” for everything from a thank you to a can-do or will-do. If we thought it would present a problem for you, we’d do it ourselves!

Orchids to Lake Havasu. A lovely place to call home for 8 months. Have patience, be kind, drive with care, think positive. We can all get along with a little effort. Appreciate what you have.

Orchids to the Colonel who oversees the city’s streets when he fixes that liver-jarring “trench” in the eastbound lanes of McCulloch at Jamaica. Sheesh!

Onions to our boss for buying the cheapest coffee on the planet. Many in the office can’t stand the stuff. Bean acid alone is killing my stomach. If you expect a full 8-hours work out of us, supply the joint with a premium grind, preferably Colombian or Ethiopian.

Orchids to Ace Pest Control. You’ve keep us bug-less for years!

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