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Another Mass Grave in Bosnia

December 4, 2000

VISEGRAD, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Forensic experts on Monday exhumed 16 bodies of people killed during the Bosnian war from a sand bank of the Drina River on the border with Serbia.

The bodies are believed to be those of Bosnian Muslims killed by Serb forces at the beginning of the 1992-95 war, said Amor Masovic, the head of the Muslim Commission for Missing Persons.

Some 200,000 people died during the war. Over 20,000 remain missing, of which 90 percent are Bosnian Muslims. The remains of the missing are gradually being found in numerous mass graves throughout the country.

Masovic’s commission had estimated that some 1,500 Muslims remained missing from the area of the east Bosnian town of Visegrad, in the Bosnian Serb part of the country, some 45 miles east of Sarajevo.

More recently, some bodies were found in four mass graves in the area, and on Friday the level of the Drina river north of Visegrad receded and exposed body parts sticking out of the sand bank.

On Monday, the commission removed the 16 bodies. ``We will continue on Tuesday, too, since there are indications more could be found under the sand,″ Masovic said.

The bodies have yet to be identified.

``Terrible massacres happened here during the war,″ Masovic said. ``An entire family, the Kurspahics, was locked into a house and then burned alive. forty of them,″ he said.

The commission also opened another site in southeastern Bosnia, near the Serb-held town of Nevesinje, where some 150 bodies of Muslims are presumed to be hidden under tons of garbage thrown into a pit. To remove the garbage, the commission will need a week, Masovic said.

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