Man arrested for alleged 4th OWI after crashing car, State Patrol says

January 29, 2019

An Oconomowoc man who crashed his car into a ditch Saturday night walked away from the crash but was found by police at a bar, police arresting him for his alleged fourth operating while intoxicated offense.

Benjamin Polensky, 36, was taken to Jefferson County Jail after having blood drawn when he refused to take field sobriety tests, the State Patrol said.

At about 9:20 p.m. Saturday, a trooper responded to a call about a car in the ditch on Highway F near Allen Road.

Before the trooper got to the scene, Polensky was helped by a passerby, with Polensky walking away from the crash toward a nearby barn.

The trooper got a description of Polensky from the passerby, and also received information that Polensky had been given a lift to a local bar.

“The trooper and a Jefferson County deputy located Mr. Polensky, the registered owner of the vehicle, who also fit the description given by the witness,” the report said.

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