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Actor James Farentino Accused of Stalking Tina Sinatra

August 7, 1993

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Actor James Farentino was charged with stalking and threatening Tina Sinatra following their breakup. A lawyer for Farentino denied the charge Friday.

Farentino threatened to kill Ms. Sinatra after the couple’s stormy five- year romance ended in January, said Deputy City Attorney Liz Gertz. The death threats against Frank Sinatra’s daughter ″had sort of been going on off and on″ for months, Gertz said.

″The charges are completely untrue and unfounded,″ said Blaine Greenberg, one of Farentino’s lawyers. ″If the prosecutor decides to push the charge, we’re positive that Jim will be completely exonerated.″

Ms. Sinatra obtained a temporary restraining order against Farentino on April 16 after he faxed her a threatening message, Gertz said. The no-contact order became permanent May 6, she said.

Farentino was arrested July 30 and charged in Municipal Court with one count of stalking, one count of ignoring the restraining order and two counts of making annoying phone calls, Gertz said.

Farentino posted $50,000 bail, which was eliminated on Tuesday, Gertz said. He’s now free on his own recognizance and arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 27, she said.

Greenberg said he was angered by the Police Department’s handling of the case, adding that Farentino and Ms. Sinatra reached an out-of-court settlement earlier this summer on civil lawsuits filed against each other.

″Those things were resolved and settled and we had every reason to believe this affair was over,″ Greenberg said. He blamed the criminal charges on an ″overzealous police detective.″

Ms. Sinatra’s office refused to comment on the case Friday.

The stalking charge carries a penalty of one year and the other three charges are punishable by six months in county jail, Gertz said.

Farentino played an attorney in the television series, ″The Lawyers,″ from 1969 to 1972 and has starred in several series and made-for-TV movies.

Ms. Sinatra produced ″Sinatra,″ a CBS miniseries about her father that aired this year.

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