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November 19, 1993

Undated (AP) _ ″I worked my tail off for this vacation, and this is the way it’s turning out.″ - Alan Tingley of Salem, N.H., whose flight to the Caribbean was among hundreds canceled as flight attendants struck American Airlines.


″You get no credit around here for fighting and bleeding. And that’s why the know-nothings and the do-nothings and the negative people and the right- wingers always win.″ - President Clinton, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, complaining that he has gotten little credit or positive coverage for his accomplishments since taking office.


″This regime will be firm, humane and decisive. Any attempt to test our will will be decisively dealt with.″ - Gen. Sani Abacha, new ruler of Nigeria, announcing that nearly every democratic institution in the country will be dissolved and replaced by the military.

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