Preliminary levies, county by county

October 8, 2018


Dodge County: $14,251,396 levy, a flat 5 percent increase. While not secured yet, county administrators linked the increase to personnel costs, human services and capital equipment.

Dodge Center: $1,785,312 levy, which is a 4.74 percent increase. According to finance director Julie Beth, $127,223 of that total accounted for debt services.

Kasson: $3,141,316 levy, a 6.97 percent increase. The library accounts for a preliminary $334,913 of that levy.

Mantorville: $498,654 levy, a 10 percent increase.


Fillmore County: $10,819,093 levy, which is a 3.49 percent increase.

Chatfield (partially in Olmsted County): $2,032,360 levy, which is a steep 23.8 percent increase from 2018.

Harmony: $700,000 levy, which is a flat 4 percent increase.

Preston: $942,046 levy, a 5 percent increase. According to city administrators, the increase accounts for an estimated $25,000 to prepare for the city’s next street project.

Rushford: $936,000 levy, a 2.5 percent increase.

Rushford Village: $450,000 levy, a 1.06 percent increase.


Goodhue County: $36,200,517 levy, a preliminary increase of 9.67 percent. However, the actual tax increase per resident would not exceed 2.09 percent due to an increase in the tax base, said county Finance Director Brian Anderson.

Cannon Falls: $2,999,370 levy, a preliminary increase of 13 percent.

Kenyon: $949,570 levy, a preliminary increase of 6.6 percent. City Administrator Mark Vahlsing noted the city’s property tax valuation increase could lower actual tax increases to 2-3 percent.

Pine Island: $2,472,968 levy, a preliminary increase of 4.52 percent. With tax-base increases, City Administrator David Todd said actual taxes will fall $3.86 on a home valued at $100,000 and $24.14 on a business valued at $350,000.

Red Wing: $20,781,443 levy, a decrease of $2,423,780 (10.44 percent).

Zumbrota: $1,947,484 levy, a preliminary increase of 7.97 percent.


Houston County: $12,783,723 levy, a preliminary increase of 6.944 percent. Houston County Administrator Jeff Babinski said that will amount to a real tax increase of about 2.9 percent due to growth in the county.


Mower County: $22,854,861 levy, which is a 9.7 increase from 2018.

Austin: $6,873,000 levy, which is an increase of 15.7 percent. One of the main considerations turned to the increased cost of living.


Olmsted County: $103 million levy, which equals out to a potential 4.9 percent. According to County Administrator Heidi Welsch, the increase came in below earlier estimates after discovering the county’s health care costs will remain steady and finding expected savings in the county’s Health, Housing and Human Services budget.

Byron: $3,654,452 levy, which is a 7.9 percent increase. In addition to considerations for a pool and libraries, a quarter million was designated for an analysis on improvements for the corridor of U.S. Highway 14 between west of Rochester and through town. The project would include the county, state, MnDOT and the city.

Dover: $226,440 levy, a preliminary increase of 2 percent.

Eyota: $751,272 levy, a preliminary increase of 21.8 percent. City Clerk Marlis Knowlton noted that most of that increase is from the voter-approved bond referendum on the fire hall ($99,504) and the remaining 5.8 percent will be lowered on the actual taxes by a 2 percent increase in the tax base.

Oronoco: $843,875 levy, a preliminary increase of 8.19 percent. However, the tax-base increase should make the overall tax increase for residents negligible, said City Clerk/Treasurer Sandra Jessen.

Rochester: $74.7 million levy, a 9 percent increase.

Stewartville: $3,298,321 levy, which would only be an increase of around $5 per home, according to city officials.


Wabasha County: $15,038,400 levy, a preliminary 4 percent increase. County Administrator Michael Plante noted the county’s tax-base increase of 4.3 percent would mean an actual tax decrease.

Lake City (partially in Goodhue County): $3,464,273 levy, a preliminary increase of 3.58 percent.

Mazeppa: $370,135 levy, a preliminary increase of 3.7 percent. Changes in the tax base should make actual tax increases disappear, said City Administrator Karl Nahrgang.

Plainview: $2,235,500 levy, a preliminary increase of 10.87 percent. However, an increase in the tax base should leave actual taxes relatively even, noted City Administrator Clarissa Hadler.

Wabasha: $1,751,600 levy, a preliminary increase of 6.5 percent. City Administrator Chad Springer said a significant increase in new home building has helped absorb the increases over the past few years.


Winona County: $19,439,418 levy, a preliminary increase of 5.5 percent.

Lewiston: $976,125 levy, a preliminary increase of 28 percent, roughly $300 annually on a home valued at $100,000.

St. Charles: $1,093,315 levy, a preliminary increase of 7.54 percent. Due to tax-base increase, City Administrator Nick Koverman said the actual taxes would go down.

Winona: $9,182,403 levy combined for the city and port authority, a preliminary 5.04 percent increase. The county is predicting a 7 percent tax-base increase, said City Administrator Steve Sarvi.

— Brian Todd

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