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Malta Hijack Victim Improving, Could Go Home Within Week

December 3, 1985

LANDSTUHL, West Germany (AP) _ A 30-year-old American teacher shot in the head by a terrorist during the Egyptair jet hijacking is in good condition and might go home within a week, a U.S. military doctor said Monday.

Jackie Nink Pflug has been ″doing fine″ since she was flown to West Germany for ″stabilization and observation″ after surgery in a Malta hospital, said Lt. Col. Mike Potter, the neurosurgeon who is caring for her.

Hijackers seized the airliner Nov. 23 on a flight from Athens, Greece, to Cairo and forced it down on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Egyptian commandos stormed it the next evening and 58 people were killed in the assault.

The terrorists shot three Americans and two Israelis before the plane was stormed, killing one of the Americans, Scarlett Marie Rogencamp, 38. An Israeli woman died of her wounds Monday, bringing the death toll to 60.

Potter appeared at a news conference with Mrs. Pflug’s husband, Scott, who said, ″Her attitude is very good considering what she’s been through. She’s coherent and responds well.″

The Pflugs, from Pasadena, Texas, are teachers in Cairo. Scott Pflug was not on the Boeing 737 when it was hijacked.

Potter, who is assigned to the U.S. Army medical center in this town 90 miles southwest of Frankfurt, said doctors were performing brain scans on Mrs. Pflug but it was too early to tell whether there was any damage.

″She’s doing fine and we hope she’ll fully recover. We’re making arrangements to return her to the United States, hopefully within the next week,″ he said.

Pflug said his wife had received hundreds of letters from her students in Cairo wishing her a speedy recovery.

″I could use some sleep but as long as she’s OK I’m doing all right,″ he said.

Mrs. Pflug was brought here from Malta on a U.S. military medical evacuation plane.

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