Letters To The Editor 11/6/2018

November 6, 2018

Democracy at risk

Editor: Fascism is defined as “a form of autocracy in that it is controlled by the state or a governing branch of a centralized institution. It holds the state to be the highest value to which all individuals must be completely loyal.”

That is quite the opposite of democracy, which is a principle and structure of government whose authority comes from the consent and votes of the people governed. A democratic election is free and competitive and different branches of government are separated.

President Trump believes that his range of power as president extends way beyond the executive office. He thinks he can change the Constitution by executive order, interfere with decisions by the House, the Senate, the FBI and the Supreme Court, but Republicans never take him to task about it.

He defies the Constitution. He is a master of manipulation, of changing the course of the news cycle if it’s not to his liking and of diverting the public’s attention from the misdeeds he and his family have perpetuated. Trump thinks he has the final say.

We live in a democracy and people have freedoms and protections under the law. Trump thinks immigrants are inferior and a burden on a superior race and he calls the free press he enemy of the people.

We witness our democracy diminishing and hardly any Republicans have the decency to call him out. If Republicans maintain control in the House, it won’t be long before fascism develops into a dictatorship. Vote Democratic.

Our forefathers fought and suffered so that we can have the freedom to have a voice in how we are governed. We are in danger of losing it all.




Hands off benefits

Editor: The Koch brothers inherited their wealth from their father and never had to do a day of real work.

Former President George W. Bush inherited some of his wealth and influence from his father, who in turn inherited his wealth from his father. At least George H.W. Bush served in the military in World War II.

President Donald Trump’s “self-made man” lie has been well-documented.

Vote on health care, education, infrastructure and paying a fair share and let the Republicans keep their pampered hands off my Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.



Chrin commuter

Editor: Republican John Chrin’s television ads state he was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

It does not state he is a Pennsylvania resident and he is not. He also criticizes U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright for being a lawyer and maintaining an apartment in Washington, D.C., where he stays while working for the people of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Are we to assume, should Chrin win the election, that he will commute from his home in New Jersey to Washington on a daily basis? His ads are an insult to the real residents of Pennsylvania.




Fan of Fetterman

Editor: John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock in Allegheny County, is the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor on Gov. Tom Wolf’s re-election ticket.

There is a long list of reasons to re-elect Wolf, but Fetterman’s election as lieutenant governor tops that list.

“Big John” is noted for a physically large frame, but he also possesses a very big heart. In 2001, he first served the people of Braddock as an AmeriCorps volunteer, as a community activist and an educator. In subsequent years, he was elected and repeatedly re-elected as Braddock’s mayor. He has successfully reinvigorated that long-forgotten and abandoned rural community. Through his personal involvement in education, fighting hunger, furthering job programs and economic stimulation, he has been instrumental in pushing Braddock well back onto the road to prosperity. Endorsed by Bernie Sanders in this election, he seeks the larger statewide stage to help do the same for all Pennsylvanians.

Fetterman is an independent-thinking progressive activist who has devoted a large portion of his adult life to the rural people of Pennsylvania and the critical issues of their lives.

I urge voters in Wayne County to recognize his demonstrated commitment to those of us who reside far from the big cities of Pennsylvania. He will be a strong advocate for rural folks and their interests in health care, jobs, farm aid and Social Security.

Without strong advocacy, these issues and all of us easily can be overlooked amid the Harrisburg hoopla.



Opposes Democrats

Editor: Sen. Bob Casey professes to be pro-life but votes to fund Planned Parenthood. A primary function of Planned Parenthood is abortion.

Rep. Matt Cartwright also professes to be pro-life but he too votes to fund Planned Parenthood. He voted against the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Cartwright says in his campaign ad “I work for you,” but surely not before he gets his daily email instructions from Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

How can they have a clear conscience when they ask for your vote?




Reject Republicans

Editor: On Election Day, I hope people will try something new by actually taking time to think before deciding for whom to cast their votes.

Voting is not only our civic duty, it is an absolute privilege each of us has been given in our capacity to choose the people who govern us, and should never be taken for granted. It is also our individual responsibility to put some thought into our decisions and make our choices of candidates wisely.

So before casting your votes, consider how Republican politicians have been lying for years, led by the biggest liar, President Donald Trump. One truth was uttered by Sen. Mitch McConnell who stated that once the midterms are over, the Republican Congress would do its best to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, along with eliminating health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.

This would follow its delivery of enormous tax breaks to multimillionaires and

billionaires. They’re already trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act while promising a great, inexpensive health care program, which is nowhere in sight. Their disdain for education, the environment and the middle class is appalling.

They stay in power through gerrymandering and voter suppression and the only way to end their control is for people to exercise power and vote them out of office. We have allowed them to cater to the fossil fuel industry and other special interests long enough and it is time to bring back truth and take back our democracy.

Keep this in mind: Republicans are for the wealthy, Democrats are for keeping us healthy. Use your power wisely.



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