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Employee’s Efficiency May Have Cost Man $1,365

April 17, 1986

DOUGLAS, Ga. (AP) _ A man who put $1,365 in cash in a pre-addressed envelope says he nearly fainted when a co-worker dropped it in the mail. And to make things worse, he has no idea where the envelope was headed.

″I made somebody’s day,″ Danny Sayer said Wednesday. ″I’d be smiling if I picked up an envelope with that much money in it. I’d be eee-lated.″

Sayer said the cash was to pay for computer equipment he had ordered for the court-reporting firm he and his wife operate. He took it to his office, put it in the envelope, placed it on his wife’s desk and told her it was there.

″Within 30 minutes, a most efficient employee takes that same envelope and mails it,″ Sayer said.

As soon as he discovered the mistake, Sayer called the company whose address he believed might have been on the envelope.

″They said they’d inform their mailroom. I think the guy that went to the post office for them just quit ’em day before yesterday,″ Sayer joked.

The post office gave him little hope that the envelope could be traced. ″But I got faith in our U.S. mail,″ Sayer said. ″I know they sent that money on to where it’s supposed to be.″

He just wishes he knew where that was.

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