Aberdeen Cue Club offers pool players neat space

June 11, 2018

ABERDEEN, S.D. (AP) — The rules of the Aberdeen Cue Club are relatively simple.

Pay your dues. Have fun. And mostly, “Just be a gentleman,” said club President Charlie Gould.

“As far as keeping things legal, we’re in South Dakota,” he said.

That means there’s no smoking or drugs allowed in the building. But a person could take in a six-pack of beer, and that’s not a problem, Gould told the Aberdeen American News .

“We all engage in that once in a while. And then to just keep it civil and have good sportsmanship. That’s the main thing we encourage here,” he said.

That, and practice makes perfect.

Most of the club’s 25 or so members have a goal of their own, he said. That’s to improve his or her game.

“People can have fun while they are doing that,” he said. “But here, more players actually want to get better.”

Members pay a $25 initiation fee, then $25 a month to use the club whenever they want.

“We’re a nonprofit, so we can keep our costs minimal and still encourage people to come in,” Gould said.

“At any rate, it’s inexpensive when compared to going to a bar and putting money in their tables. And we feel it’s a much better atmosphere, but that depends on what a person likes,” he said.

That doesn’t mean that Aberdeen Cue Club members don’t frequent local businesses. Most play some type of league, which rotates locations, he said.

The club also hosts city league matches Thursday nights.

“It’s a win-win,” Gould said.

The club got its start about six years ago. Last year, it moved to 1603 Sixth Ave. S.W., where a sign has garnered some attention.

The sign has made the club easier to find for out-of-town friends or guests, Gould said, and the newer space has allowed it to more than double the size of its original space. Guests have to pay $5 per hour.

The original club space on First Avenue Northeast had three tables. Now, there are five.

“And that’s what we’ll have. We don’t have room for any more,” he said. “I won’t say they are all in use (all the time), but it is a lot nicer place than we used to have.

“I had a place in (the current Geffdog building on Sixth Avenue) where we had some pool tables. That building got sold and we had to move. At that time, we created a members club and rented a place to put the tables we had,” Gould said.

The club has a simple structure, he said.

“We try to encourage people to play pool and we take all kinds. We’ve got older people and younger people,” he said. “It’s mostly retired people like me.”

The club currently has two female members and a few young adults, too.

“We just want a nice facility where we can play pool. We don’t have anything else that we do in here. There are no other games. But we have snacks,” he said. “I’m thinking we’re successful. But I’d like to have more people in here all the time playing.”


Information from: Aberdeen American News, http://www.aberdeennews.com

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