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FBI Says Suicide Note Found on FedEx Plane After Attack

April 14, 1994

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) _ A man accused of attacking the crew of a Federal Express cargo jet with hammers and a spear gun left a note aboard the plane suggesting he planned to commit suicide during the flight, the FBI says.

Auburn Calloway, a 42-year-old Federal Express pilot who was off-duty at the time of the attack, is charged with endangering an airliner. He could get 20 years in prison.

He remained hospitalized in serious condition Wednesday with injuries suffered in a bloody fight with the DC-10′s crew April 7. Two of the three crew members were critically hurt; the pilot managed to land the plane safely.

″The contents of this note indicate the high potential that Calloway planned to commit suicide on the flight and also indicate that Calloway may have made financial arrangements to take care of dependents and family members in connection with his planned suicide,″ the FBI said in court papers.

The attack at 18,000 feet took place one day before Calloway was to appeaer at a disciplinary hearing for allegedly falsifying information on his job application five years ago, according to The Commercial Appeal newspaper.

Federal Express refused to discuss Calloway’s work record.

The overnight-delivery company would not comment on the attacker’s motive or what he planned to do with the plane if he got control of it. During the attack, the crew radioed that a passenger was trying to take over the plane.

During the fight, the crew put the plane through extreme dives and turns to knock the attacker off balance.

Calloway was the lone passenger aboard the jet. Federal Express often lets off-duty employees catch flights aboard cargo planes.

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