Self defense - or murder? A Philly woman killed her alleged abuser and faces prison

August 29, 2018

By Staff

Letoya Ramseure was in shock, pacing up and down the street with the gun still glued to her hand. Ramseure had never used a gun before — had never been charged with a crime. Yet she’d fired this one five times, killing Devon Roye, her daughter’s father and her first love.

Ramseure didn’t ask for a lawyer after her mother calmed her down and called the police. “I didn’t think I needed one,” she said. To her, it was a clear case of self-defense: She had a protection-from-abuse order against Roye who, she claims, had texted her a death threat on July 12 before he charged into her Frankford home and assaulted her and her mother. She says Roye was charging at her when she shot him — with his own gun.

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