Letter: President’s failure to honor Sen. McCain is a disgrace

August 30, 2018

As a result of my previous military experience and a well-connected former congressman, I was afforded a dream opportunity to meet face to face with Sen. John McCain and Sen. Bob Kerry, of Nebraska, for about three hours in spring 1992.

They were in Rochester because Sen. Kerry was in the presidential primary for the Democrats. I was awestruck at being in the same room with a Medal of Honor recipient and a highly lauded POW of the same war I fought in. The war banter and politics went on into the night.

These were real leaders and true patriots. They did not grab the flag and kiss it, they walked the walk. I am sorry John McCain had to live long enough to witness the false prophet we now have running our country. In the face of McCain’s death and the country mourning its loss, our president couldn’t even keep the flag at half-staff at the White House this week.

He is worse than a disgrace and not fit to lick the feet of the two heroes I sat with that wonderful evening. Semper fi, John McCain.

Buzz Christison, Plainview

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