Prosecutors: GOP lobbyist Sam Patten provided ‘substantial assistance’ to Mueller team

April 8, 2019

GOP lobbyist Sam Patten provided “substantial assistance” to special counsel Robert Mueller and other investigations, federal prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., said in a court filing Monday.

Patten will be sentenced on Friday. Last August, he pleaded guilty to violating foreign lobbying laws through his efforts on behalf of a Ukrainian political party.

Prosecutors did not recommend a sentence for Patten, but did say he deserves leniency for his cooperation, which they described as “immediate.”

“Patten has met with government investigators, in person or by phone, a total of nine separate times to answer numerous questions and explain various documents,” prosecutors wrote. “In all of these sessions, Patten has been honest and straightforward with government investigators.”

Defense attorneys have asked for probation, saying he did not try to conceal his work for on behalf of the Ukrainian political party, nor did he try to hide the money he earned form the IRS.

″[D]uring the course of a long business relationship where Mr. Patten advised his clients on matters related solely to Ukrainian politics and elections, he did a few favors for his clients that crossed the line into FARA-registrable activity,” his attorney, Stuart Sears wrote.

Prosecutors declined to offer more information about his cooperation, saying it would the issue would be addressed in a sealed filing.

One case he appeared to provide cooperation was against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Prosecutors said Patten provided evidence against Manafort and was planned to testify against him at trial.