Chuck Landon: Hancock finds silver lining in cancellation

September 16, 2018

In life, nearly every dark cloud has a silver lining. Just ask Chase Hancock.

Sure, Marshall’s star linebacker was disappointed when the Thundering Herd game Saturday was canceled.


It meant Hancock was able to watch his youngest brother, Micah, play Friday for Woodrow Wilson in a 47-14 road loss to Huntington High at Bob Sang Stadium.

Talk about a silver lining.

“Yes sir, it was,” said Hancock, 6-foot-2, 228-pound senior. “I really don’t get to come back home (Beckley) and watch him too often. I’m just glad I got to see him.”

So, how many times has Hancock gotten to watch Micah - 6-1, 175-pound senior running back and linebacker - play during his high school career?

“This is the second time this season,” said Hancock. “In total, during his whole career at Woodrow), this is the fourth time I’ve seen him play out of all those games.”

Is it any wonder Hancock tries to make the most of every opportunity?

“It doesn’t matter how far I’ve got to drive,” said Hancock. “If I’ve got to go back home to Beckley to see him play, I will. That’s because I know it means a lot to him. He watched me growing up.

“My mom tells me that every time he knows that I’m coming, he gets a smile on his face. Even before the game he’ll text her and ask her, ‘Is Chase coming?’ We try to support each other - all four of us.”

Hancock has three younger brothers - Noah, Jordan and Micah. But Micah, who was the Flying Eagles’ leading rusher as a freshman with 449 yards and six touchdowns on 83 carries, is the one who resembles Chase the most.

He looks like, acts like, plays like and even thinks like Chase.

“I’m here with (Jaquan) Yulee and Frankie Hernandez,” said Hancock, referring to his fellow linebackers at Marshall during a halftime interview Friday. “They came to watch with me. And they were saying, ‘You guys look just alike. He looks just like you. You all have got the same mannerisms and everything.’”

Hancock beamed as he told the anecdote. No big brother has ever been prouder of a little brother. Maybe that’s why Micah wants to follow in Chase’s football footsteps.

“He’s telling me that he wants to go to Marshall,” said Hancock. “We’ll see how that goes. He might follow in my footsteps. Any ways, I am so proud of him because it seems just like yesterday I was watching him reading books when he was 3 or 4 years old.”

So, Micah is also smart like big brother, who wants to be a pediatrician.

“He’s smarter than me,” said Hancock. “He’s better than me. Which is why I’m so proud of him. He has a 4.5 grade-point average. He’s taking advanced placement classes. When he was going to elementary school, he was in gifted (classes). I remember when I wanted to be in gifted.

“I am just way proud of him. And he’s humble, too. He isn’t arrogant about anything. He’s very humble and well-rounded, and I think everybody would say that about him.”

Sounds a whole lot like somebody I’ve gotten to know and appreciate. A guy named Chase Hancock.

“I know, I know,” said Hancock. “I’m just glad to get to see him play tonight. He makes us all proud.”

Now, that’s a silver lining. trimmed in gold.

Chuck Landon is a sports columnist for The Herald-Dispatch. Contact him at clandon@herald-dispatch.com.

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