Local man is named by feds

April 4, 2019

A Watertown man who co-owns strip clubs in Milwaukee, the town of Lebanon and near Middleton is being investigated by federal authorities prosecuting sex trafficking at the now closed Dodge County club, a Milwaukee newspaper reported Tuesday.

Radomir Buzdum, who co-owns the closed TNT club, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he is being investigated in connection with a sex trafficking case filed in federal court in Milwaukee against a Hartford man.

Buzdum has not been charged. However, search warrants and affidavits supporting the warrants alleged that Buzdum paid dancers at the TNT Club to have sex with him, according to an affidavit by a former club manager, the newspaper reported.

Efforts to obtain warrants and affidavits filed in court were unsuccessful Tuesday morning. However, the newspaper detailed the contents including:

-- Former TNT club manager Timothy Miller said Buzdum knew the dancers were performing commercial sex acts in the champagne rooms, as he arranged to pay for their services at the end of an evening from the club’s income.

-- Another witness told investigators that Buzdum would get drunk, have sex with dancers and tell them he would pay them later. Instead, he would pay them less than what he promised or not at all.

-- The club received a portion of the champagne room fees by charging $500 on customer credit cards for acts typically costing $200. The club then gave the customer the balance in cash so they could negotiate the price directly with the dancer.

In his interview with the Journal Sentinel, Buzdum said he owned the TNT club but didn’t manage and never went there.

Buzdum said he never talked to Christopher L. Childs, 46, of Hartford, who has been charged with sex trafficking which allegedly operated out of the Hardware Store.

Buzdum blamed Miller for what went on in the club and would never have knowingly allowed pimps to operate there.

“It’s just horrible what went on … I had nothing to do with any of this,” he told the Journal Sentinel.

Buzdum said on Jan. 24 about 100 agents raided his Watertown residence, TNT and the Watertown bar he owns, the Dew Drop Inn.

“The feds came through with search warrants at 6 o’clock in the morning … busted my side door, threw one of those bombs in there -- flash bombs,” the Milwaukee paper reported.

When reached by telephone Tuesday aftenoon, Buzdum contends the former manager at TNT is making untrue statements about him.

“I’ve never done a thing over there,” Buzdum said emphatically. “I didn’t the thugs who came in there. I would stops and have a few whiskeys, but I never touched a drug in my life. These are lies being told about me.”

He said the club is closed and he wants to move on with his life.

“I have been doing this for 35 years,” he said. “Why would I want thugs in my place of business? It makes no sense. I want a good a good, clean clientele. Not thugs.”

Childs has been charged in federal court in Milwaukee with multiple counts of sex trafficking. He is alleged to have conspired with others to coerce by use of force to cause victims to engage in commercial sex acts. If convicted he faces maximum penalties of life in prison.