Crime blotter for Dec. 4

December 4, 2018

According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A Wagener man called police Sunday claiming his mother was yelling and “destroying” the camper they reside in on Spring Flower Road. He also told deputies she had a small knife, which she used to cut him multiple times during the altercation.

Deputies charged a Graniteville woman Monday morning with disorderly conduct after she caused a disturbance at a Main Street residence. Deputies found the woman at a nearby store and she claimed she could hear footsteps chasing her so she ran to the residence for help. She also said the “people chasing her” were threatening to kill her and her children. Deputies reported the woman appeared to be under of the influence of some kind of narcotic.

A Warrenville man reported Sunday someone fired multiple gunshots near his Buttercup Lane home. The man said after hearing the shots he saw a black Dodge Charger flee the area at a high rate of speed.

A Warrenville woman called police Sunday claiming she caught her boyfriend of 11 years “talking to another woman” on the phone at their Robbe Street residence and she wanted him to leave. However, he could not take anything from the house. The man told deputies he wasn’t cheating on his girlfriend, like she believed, rather he was just on the phone with a friend and she started “cussing him out.” He said he tried to grab a few items and leave, but she refused to let him go with the items. The woman also tried to get deputies to arrest the man for assault, but he explained that all he did was try to move her away from the door so he could exit.

A 63-year-old Aiken man reported Sunday night a woman broke into his vehicle parked outside his Pipeline Road home. The victim said his car alarm went off, which startled him, and he came outside to find the woman holding his belongings. He said he asked her what she was doing; to which she responded by claiming she was drunk. She then put the man’s items back and fled the area.

An employee at a gas station on Railroad Avenue in Wagener called police Sunday claiming a 41-year-old Aiken man pumped over $60 of gas into his vehicle, when he only paid $10. She claimed the man claimed to not have enough money to pay her. The man did allow the employee to take a picture of his ID, claiming he would come back and pay for the gas at a later date.

A 55-year-old Aiken man reported Sunday someone broke into his vehicle parked outside his Dallas Court residence.

A 38-year-old Barnwell man called police Sunday claiming a man threatened him at a gas station on Augusta Road in Warrenville.

A 26-year-old Aiken woman reported Sunday someone stole her vehicle parked on Jack Jones Street.

Deputies charged a Warrenville man Saturday with third-degree domestic violence after his wife called police claiming her husband assaulted her after he got “aggravated” when his favorite college football team lost. The woman claimed she got up to leave because her husband started “cursing at her,” but he grabbed her and started choking her.

A Perry man reported Saturday he heard a prowler outside his Festival Trail Road home attempting to gain access inside. He told deputies the suspect appeared to “ram” the door at least three times in an attempt to break in before fleeing the scene. Investigators searched around the house, but reported finding no evidence of a burglar.

Deputies charged a Graniteville man Saturday with possession of meth after he was searched outside a gas station on Jefferson Davis Highway in North Augusta.

An Aiken man reported Saturday several items were missing from his Mosley Road residence. The man told police he believes someone broke in because the door was unlocked when he returned.

A Windsor woman called police Saturday claiming someone stole her vehicle parked outside a Valley Drive home in Aiken.

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