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Army Raises Death Toll To Two; 23 Missiles Have Hit

January 26, 1991

JERUSALEM (AP) _ The army’s chief medical officer today raised to two the death toll from Iraqi missiles fired at Israel. Twenty people remained hospitalized from a late Friday attack on the Tel Aviv area.

Brig. Gen. Yehuda Danon said that in the five barrages of Scud-type missiles since Jan. 19, 204 people have been wounded, including 30 children.

The army said the second death was initially reported as one of three heart attack fatalities in an attack Tuesday on the Tel Aviv area.

The other victim, Eitan Grundland, 55, a factory owner, died Friday when his home in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan was heavily damaged.

Danon was interviewed on Israel radio, which reported 1,000 other Israelis have been treated for slight injuries or for injecting themselves mistakenly with the chemical warfare antidote included in government-issued protective kits.

All of the attacks have involved conventional warheads.

Danon said 23 missiles have struck Israel since Iraq fulfilled its threat to attack the Jewish state in response to the air strikes by the U.S.-led military force in the gulf.

After Friday night’s attack, in which U.S.-supplied Patriot missiles were fired to intercept the Scuds, questions were raised about whether debris from the Patriots caused some casualties. But Danon said the Scuds were responsible.

The army earlier listed 69 injured in the Friday attack on the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, but that figure apparently included people taken to hospitals in shock.

Army reports said all Iraq’s missiles have struck in the Tel Aviv and Haifa areas. Israel radio reported today that the missiles caused damage to both Jewish and Arab houses in Haifa, which has a large Arab community.

In the neighborhood hardest hit by the missile Friday night, residents had put out Israeli flags as a symbol of defiance. One flew from the wreckage of a house demolished by the missile.

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