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Wife of Jets Player a Carjack Victim

April 29, 1999

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (AP) _ A quick-thinking mom foiled a carjacking by secretly calling 911 on her cell phone and sneaking clues to the dispatcher about what was going on while pretending to talk to the driver.

Esther Green and her 10-month-old daughter were in the back seat of their car outside a store in this Atlanta suburb, waiting for a friend, when a man climbed into the front seat and drove off Monday afternoon.

After he picked up another man, Ms. Green, the wife of New York Jets defensive back Victor Green, reached into her diaper bag and dialed 911 on her cellular phone, keeping it hidden in the bag.

To let the dispatcher know she had been kidnapped, she told the driver to take the car and let her and the baby go. And to describe their location for the dispatcher, she asked him to let her out at landmarks along the way.

She suggested automated teller machines where she could get money. She also gave false information to the kidnappers, saying she was unmarried and that the car belonged to her boyfriend, so she wouldn’t mind giving it up.

She had no idea if anyone was listening at the other end, but dispatcher Holly Eason was.

``At first I assumed it was going to be a domestic situation,″ Ms. Eason said today when she and Ms. Green met for the first time on ABC’s ``Good Morning America.″ But when the friend Ms. Green was waiting for also called to report the car’s disappearance, ``we put two and two together and realized we had a carjacking-kidnapping situation going on,″ she said.

Ms. Eason said her directions were very helpful. ``She was doing really well as far as advising that she was heading northbound and landmarks that she was passing,″ she said.

Ms. Green said she was prepared to jump out of the car with the baby _ not knowing whether anyone was listening on the other end of her phone _ when she finally saw a police car drive by.

``After that I realized that help was on the way and I could sit tight with the baby and just pray that it came out the way that it did,″ she said. ``It could not have happened better.″

After police converged on the car, Stephen Eric Bonnett, 18, of Little Hocking, Ohio, and David E. McDonald, 21, of Belpre, Ohio, were charged with kidnapping and auto theft. They were being held in the Fayette County Jail without bond. Police said Bonnett was the driver and McDonald was the man who climbed in later.

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