LETTER: Hubbell would rid Iowa of Medicaid privatization

September 19, 2018

Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart are the perfect pair to rid our state of this Medicaid privatization nightmare, and once again restore a system that is run by Iowans and delivers the health care to Iowans that we need.

Fred, since he began campaigning, has been a stalwart advocate for reversing the disastrous privatization that the Terry Branstad-Kim Reynolds administration enacted unilaterally. That move wasn’t just a terrible display of partisanship -- it stole away health care from Iowans who need it the most.

Not only that, it is delaying and denying payments to Iowa providers that are struggling to stay in business and many of them, especially in rural communities across the state, are closing their doors as a result.

I am voting for Hubbell-Hart because from day one they will turn around this failure and, instead, create a system run by Iowans that will expand good quality health care.

This is the type of leadership we need in Iowa. Iowa needs a governor who can deliver results in restoring access to health care. - Mary Pautsch, Sioux City

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