1. Key matchup for BYU-Utah football

November 23, 2018

1. What’s the key matchup for this weekend’s BYU-Utah football game?

DICKSON: I’m going to go with what I believe is the biggest mismatch, which is the Utah secondary against the BYU receivers. The Utes will run a lot of man press and will be very physical with the Cougars. They aren’t afraid of picking up a couple of pass interference penalties to establish their physicality. I know BYU wants to run the ball, but Utah will make that difficult and the Cougars will need to make some plays through the air. The BYU receivers have been inconsistent at making plays against good defenses this year and Saturday will be a huge test for them.

LLOYD: There are a lot of position matchups that will be key but I’m going to point to the mental game as the biggest one for both teams. The Utes have maintained their recent success by seizing control and forcing BYU to be the ones to play catch-up. Even when they have made mistakes or played poorly, Utah seems to have had the edge in confidence in themselves. The Cougars need to match the Utes in the mental game by coming out strong (easier said than done) and putting Utah on the defensive. BYU can’t afford to hurt themselves with turnovers or penalties, particularly because that will have a negative effect on the Cougar psyche.

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