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Canada Teen Charged With Murder

March 8, 2000

TORONTO (AP) _ A 14-year-old boy has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 4-month-old sister from head injuries.

The identities of the accused and the victim cannot be disclosed under Canadian law.

Police charged the youth with aggravated assault after his sister was rushed to a hospital on Saturday. The charge was upgraded to second-degree murder when the infant died on Monday.

According to police and the lawyer for the family, the youth was baby-sitting for the infant and another sister, aged 20 months, on Saturday.

The baby was taken to hospital by an emergency team that responded to a 911 call about a child in distress. The 20-month-old sister was unhurt.

``It’s a double tragedy for the family ... not only facing the loss of a beautiful 4-month-old girl but enduring the collective agony of a 14-year-old sweet boy going through the criminal justice process,″ said the lawyer, Azam Jurji.

Sgt. John Sheldon of York Region Police said detectives were interviewing neighbors and other potential witnesses.

``Obviously, we will have a very close look at the total family scenario and its involvement in the death of that child,″ Sheldon said.

Investigating coroner Dr. Martin Taylor, who performed an autopsy on the infant Tuesday, said the cause of death appeared to be ``non-accidental head injuries.″

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