County Council approves budget amendment ordinance

November 14, 2018

Aiken County Council unanimously approved Tuesday the third and final reading of an ordinance that makes amendments to the county’s fiscal year 2018-2019 operating budget.

The changes include carry forward purchase orders totaling $6,756,144 from fiscal year 2017-2018 that need to be rebudgeted. There also are additional appropriations to meet the needs of departments that weren’t included in the original fiscal year 2018-2019 budget.

In addition, there are changes to fees charged when owners surrender their dog and cats to the Aiken County Animal Shelter.

Eight of the nine County Council members were present at the meeting in Council Chambers at the Aiken County Government Center.

Chuck Smith of District 4 was absent because he was representing the county at an intergovernmental meeting with the U.S. Department of Energy in New Orleans.

Because of the ordinance’s passage, each surrendered pet that a County Code Enforcement officer has to pick up, the cost will increase from $40 to $50.

For surrendered pets that are dropped off at the animal shelter by an Aiken County resident, the cost will be $15 per animal. The former fees were $15 for one to three animals, $25 for a group of four to six animals and $50 for a group of seven or more.

There are new owner surrender fees specifically for litters of cats and dogs that include a female spay incentive.

Also Tuesday, County Council passed a consent agenda that included a resolution that authorizes County Council Chairman Gary Bunker to enter into an agreement with Crowder Construction Co. to remove several sandbars from Langley Pond near Warrenville.

According to the resolution, Crowder was the “lowest responsive and responsible bidder.” The firm’s estimate for the cost of project is $2,837,433.

Funds the county received from Capital Project Sales Tax II and III will be used to pay for the work.

Crowder Construction, which is headquartered in North Carolina, is the contractor for the $13.5-million project that is underway to renovate, retrofit and strengthen the dam at Langley Pond.

In addition Tuesday, County Council unanimously approved a resolution, which was on the consent agenda, that approves the name Mack Henry Holland Drive for a road that provides access to Generations Park, which is near Aiken on Columbia Highway North. The City of Aiken requested the name and will maintain the road, which is in the county.

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