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TV Guide Pulls Ad That Offended Utah, New Mexico Officials

February 2, 1988

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ A television ad promoting TV Guide was intended to be humorous, but business leaders in New Mexico and Utah were not amused.

The ad ran for the last time Saturday, after TV Guide officials decided to halt it, according to Fred Jervis, promotions director for the magazine.

The ad showed a candidate for dogcatcher who was reading an article in TV Guide about the benefit of television spots for politicians.

The candidate decides to use television ads, and says, ″As a result of that article and the video, I’m now running a strong second in both the New Mexico and Utah presidential primaries. Thank you, TV Guide.″

Terri Maisel, president of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, called the ad offensive and in poor taste. Paula Randolph of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce said the ad was insulting to both states.

″I’m sure that the ad was not meant by TV Guide to offend anyone, but I’m very glad they pulled it,″ Randolph said.

Jervis said TV Guide had hoped the ad would produce a smile.

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