Congresswoman: Presidential emergency not the way to handle border disagreement

February 19, 2019

Illinois’ junior U.S. Senator said she doesn’t want to get to a point in Washington D.C. where Republicans and Democrats turn to presidential emergency declarations to get things done.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth doesn’t like the idea of a presidential emergency to build a border wall.

She doesn’t like the wall, but Duckworth said over the weekend on ABC’s “This Week” that she’s as bothered by the idea that this is what government in Washington D.C. has come to. Ordering something be done, rather than working together.

“I don’t want a type of government in a place where we’re playing this tit-for-tat games,” Duckworth said. “It should be one where we serve the American people by coming to a consensus. And where we’re headed, this division is not acceptable for our form of Democracy.”

Duckworth, however, said she supports the idea of a lawsuit from Congress challenging the president over the emergency order. She said the Constitution gives the Congress the purse strings, and she said President Donald Trump is trying to step on that power to build his border wall.

“The president is trying to take the power of the purse away from the legislative branch. We are coequal branches of the government,” Duckworth said. “He is trying to do a type of executive overreach that is really uncalled for.”

Duckworth said a crash and rescue station at the Peoria airport is one of the projects that may be cut or delayed if the president is allowed to sweep money from inside the Pentagon and Department of Defense to build his wall.