NEW YORK (AP) _ Macaulay Culkin, star of the ``Home Alone'' movies, won't be alone any more.

Culkin and Broadway actress Rachel Miner, both 17, married Sunday at a small stone church in Washington, Conn., in front of family and friends, according to Culkin's publicist, Paul Bloch.

Because the newlyweds were under 18, they had to present a notarized statement of parental consent for a marriage license. Town Clerk Sheila Anson said the couple were issued a license Saturday.

Miss Miner starred in the recent Broadway production of ``The Diary of Anne Frank'' in the role of Margot, Anne's sister.

Culkin's film credits include two ``Home Alone'' movies, ``My Girl,'' ``The Good Son'' and ``Richie Rich.'' He made the Forbes magazine richest entertainer list in 1993 after earning $23 million over two years.