We should support government workers -- Jim Malmberg

January 15, 2019

It feels like kindness and unselfishness are disappearing from American culture. Keeping and gaining political power seem to be the first considerations in every decision made in government.

Why is loyalty to a political party so sacred that good people treat others who disagree with them in ways that are disgusting and unfair?

Debating the building of a wall is legitimate and needs to happen, but involving government workers in the disagreement by withholding their pay is just plain wrong. It shouldn’t matter whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent. Wrong is wrong.

Why the American public isn’t protesting in support of government workers says a lot about where our society is morally. America’s future is being poisoned by a psychopath, and we are letting it happen. Shame on us.

Jim Malmberg, Merrimac

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