Orchids and Onions: Thursday, December 27, 2018

December 27, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the complainer about the tellers using the machines to count back cash. They have to count it when they take it from the drawer and I count it with them. Using the machine is just a re-check. I’d rather they didn’t announce to everyone behind me how much cash I am leaving with.

Onions to the couple that stiffed the waitress at The Black Bear restaurant, Friday evening around 6:30. The cashier even asked if you needed a bill broken. You just put the change in your wallet and walked out.

Orchids to Marcos the manager at Walmart for helping us out in correcting an erroneous purchase that we made, and also to Charly and to Pati for exceptional, above and beyond customer service. You made these regular customers feel well taken care of, and that you truly cared. We thank you.

Onions to the believer. If you spend your whole life believing in a god and he turns out to not exist, you have wasted your life believing in a false truth.

Orchids to Joslyn at the Mail and Business Center for the best customer service ever. She is a great asset to the store. Thanks Joslyn for always being there. Margaret

Onions to the person walking their dog on Colt Drive. Please carry a bag and pick up your poop - or my Great Dane and I will come to your house and reciprocate.

Orchids to Madison at Niko’s. She is absolutely one of the best servers in Havasu. It doesn’t take much to make a customer feel appreciated and welcomed. I really appreciate her level of high quality customer service and if I had a restaurant I would hire her instantly.

Onions to the cable company for charging me for 2 years of Wi-Fi modem rental for a modem I own. According to them, they cannot refund any further back than 30 days. Be sure to check your bill for errors! They will not catch them!

Orchids to the new speed limit on S. McCulloch and onions to the person complaining about keeping our kids safe. You obviously have been cited and feel entitled to break speed laws. I bet you torment your street with exhibitions of speed, with such a high and mighty attitude. A real Turd Ferguson.

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