Letter to the editor: Absurd to say Trump is anti-Semitic

November 24, 2018

There’s a lot of news regarding the evil actions of a person who, it seems, is permeated by festering hate. It’s sad. Also sad are the actions of people who desire to weaponize such evil actions. Check the media sources and observe the biased reporting. Listen carefully to some of the oxymoronic pronouncements made by self-anointed pseudo-experts.

Donald Trump has been accused of being anti-Semitic. It’s absurd. How many of his accusers can enjoy a daughter and son-in-law that are adherents of Judaism? How many of his accusers have a grandchild being reared in adherence to the tenets passed down by Moses, recorded by Leviticus and elucidated by Maimonides? Think about the power of a quote attributed to Maimonides: “I will destroy my enemies by converting them to friends.”

It’s oxymoronic to state that you are a Jewish leader who objects to Trump’s expression of sympathy and support. Throughout history, many positive advances in science, medicine and humanitarianism have been made by students of Maimonides’ teachings. Could it be that without the obstruction of vengeance you can focus your knowledge and energy on constructive contributions?

Joseph G. Cremonese


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