Ricketts opposes repeal of candy, soda pop tax exemptions

April 3, 2019

Gov. Pete Ricketts joined hands with representatives of grocery and beverage associations on Wednesday to oppose proposals to repeal state sales tax exemptions for soda pop, candy and bottled water in order to help fund property tax relief.

Ricketts said such tax increases would be particularly burdensome when Nebraska is recovering from devastating flooding.

“In our moment of need, now more than ever, Nebraska needs tax relief that will bring our state together and not divide it,” the governor said during a news conference event at a Lincoln supermarket.

The proposed removal of those tax exemptions is being considered by the Legislature’s Revenue Committee as part of a tax reform package designed to provide local property tax relief.

“New taxes on food, pop, candy and bottled water would hit working Nebraskans hard at a time when many are struggling to put their lives back together,” Ricketts said.

“As a matter of fairness, it’s not right to raise taxes on working families to pay for someone else’s tax relief. This is ‘Reverse Robin Hood.’”

Joining the governor at the event were representatives of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association and the Nebraska Beverage Association.