PITTSBURGH (AP) _ The son of Polish labor leader Lech Walesa is getting an eyeful during a summer visit to the United States, says one of the teen-ager's hosts.

''He's impressed with the immensity of the tall buildings in every city we visit and by the automobiles. Every one is different from the next one,'' said Jan Wydro, who helped arrange the trip by 15-year-old Slawek Walesa.

Wydro of Oil City is a volunteer with Americacares for Poland, a foundation that sends medicine to the Communist-ruled nation, and he met the elder Walesa last year on one of his trips to Poland.

The Solidarity leader and his wife declined Wydro's invitation to visit the United States, but Walesa mentioned his son, who was studying English, might be interested.

''I told him the best way for his son to become proficient in English was to come to America to learn it,'' Wydro said.

The young Walesa is staying with Wydro's daughter, her husband and their 17-year-old son in Cooperstown, and is picking up English ''by osmosis,'' Wydro said.

The second-oldest of Walesa's eight children attended Mass on Sunday at St. Leocadia in Wilmerding, near Pittsburgh, and was the honored guest of the Polish congregation at a luncheon reception. He plans to visit a polka festival Saturday in Pittsburgh and attend a Pirates baseball game Sunday.