Noon Fix: Local competitive bodybuilder; McAllen teacher nominated as Life Changer of the Year; McDonald’s Big Mac turns 50; Local art

July 30, 2018

Local woman represents RGV in bodybuilding competitions

Maria Tello has always pushed her limits. Whether it’s in her job, her hobbies, or her health, she loves a challenge. When her personal trainer suggested she start competitive bodybuilding, she said it sounded like a “fun idea.” She won first place and two third places at her first competition in April.

McAllen teacher nominated as Life Changer of the Year

The National Life Group is looking for its annual Life Changer of the Year, and a local high school teacher is vying for the title.

50 years on, McDonald’s and fast-food evolve around Big Mac

NEW YORK — McDonald’s is fighting to hold onto customers as the Big Mac turns 50, but it isn’t changing the makings of its most famous burger.

Viewers offered obscure story through brief watercolor and ink exhibition

The modest exhibition currently on display at the STC Tech campus puts the viewer in the role of an amateur archeologist. The viewer must figure out what Ansara is/was and what happened here, as depicted in these mysterious works in watercolor and ink.

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