Omaha family hoping for passage of medical marijuana legislation

January 6, 2019

OMAHA - The fight for legalizing medical marijuana in Nebraska is personal for an Omaha family.

Dominic Gillen’s 16 year old son, Will was diagnosed with a chronic illness when he was five months old and suffers dozens of seizures daily. Gillen is confident that medical marijuana could help.

Gillen says, “We believe if we were able to find the right strain, which we believe there is a right strain out there for him, that we could get him off the pharmas that he is on and we would be able to see who our son really is.”

Gillen says his son is currently on a pharmaceutical that is addictive as heroin. He says Will’s body has to affected by the strong medication and to be able to get him off of something like that is very important.

There is another reason that Gillen wants Will off of the pharmaceuticals. He says, “The pharmas mask so much of who he is. His personality. His cognitive ability. We believe that getting him off of the pharmas by using medical cannabis we would be able to see the boy we really never had the chance to meet.”

State Senators Anna Wishart and Adam Morfeld are sponsoring the medical marijuana proposal.

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