Orchids and Onions: Monday, February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the Onion about LHC not having enough events for seniors. Sounds like you want someone else to do all of the work so you can have fun. If Cedar Rapids is so great what are you doing here except to complain that someone is not doing enough for you to have fun.

Orchids to all my dear friends, doctors, etc. in Havasu for being so kind to me, since 1905 and after my husband Doug’s death. Thank you to Hospice of Havasu also. I am now living in CA near my family. I will miss you all and all the wonderful things in Havasu. I am happy now and not alone. Carole C.

Onions to person about persecuting a good man at the club and kicking him out. I guess you weren’t around to listen to his fowl mouth and disgusting remarks to the service people there. Get facts straight before making false statements. He did good deeds but his mouth showed a different side of him.

Orchids for Austin Hart. Austin was a member of our lovely Lake Havasu who got into a horrible accident. Orchids to Austin for being an organ donor. He is brave and strong young man, who is going to save many lives with his selfless act of kindness. Rest easy Austin.

Onions to the cable/internet provider for yet another rate hike while service continues to be below par.

Orchids to Brent J., Service Manager for Anderson Chrysler/Jeep Dealership, for his highly professional and congenial service on Tuesday! Fixed my problem with my Jeep right the first time!

Onions to the complainer from Grand Rapids. If Grand Rapids is so wonderful then why are you here? I will pay for your first tank of gas if you will go back and enjoy your Corn Hole Festival. Jus’ sayin’

Orchids to Casa Serrano Restaurant for serving CERT members and spouses on short notice last Sunday, after a long day working at the Rodeo. The setting, service and food were excellent, making for a nice ending to a long day.

Onions to Cedar Rapids onion giver. Are you kidding!? Stay home in your five degree snowy sleet-filled weather next winter and see how much fun you have. From a busy local senior. “Jus’ sayin’.”

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