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BC-NE--Nebraska Weekend Exchange Digest, NE

September 25, 2018

AP-Nebraska stories for Sept. 29 and Sept. 30. Members using Exchange stories should retain bylines and newspaper credit lines. If you have questions, please contact the desk at 402-391-0031.

For use Saturday, Sept. 29, and thereafter.


HARTINGTON, Neb. — Most farmers keep a plat book, which are helpful when figuring out who owns a piece of land. Each page shows only a small portion of the county in question in a simple black-and-white display. Kathy Brummels took the plat book a step further and made it look a lot more interesting. The Coleridge quilter stitched together 2.5-inch squares of fabric to represent every section of land in Cedar County. By Nick Hytrek, The Sioux City Journal. SENT IN ADVANCE: 667 words.


GRAND ISLAND, Neb. — William Parker Walker was among the early settlers in one of Nebraska’s largest black homesteading communities: DeWitty. Photographs of Walker, his family and others from that community are part of a new exhibit at Stuhr Museum called “Audacious Nebraska: The Descendants of DeWitty.” DeWitty, named after one of the early settlers, was later renamed Audacious. The community was formed in the early 1900s and lasted about 30 years, making it one of the longest-running settlements of its kind in Nebraska. By Julie Blum, The Grand Island Independent. SENT IN ADVANCE: 841 words.

For use Sunday, Sept. 30, and thereafter.


OMAHA, Neb. — Dave Beber, 95, and wife Arlene, 85, has been married for 66 years and dance every Monday. Long ago Dave Beber asked Arlene to dance at a wedding reception, and they have done so ever since. The Bebers, who worked together in their medical billing business, have outlasted a lot of venues where they danced. By Michael Kelly, The Omaha World-Herald. SENT IN ADVANCE: 540 words.


LINCOLN, Neb. — Tom Brewer, the soldier senator who was elected to the Legislature in 2016 following a 36-year military career that included a series of sniper shooting championships, is going back into action in Bulgaria. Brewer has decided to participate in an International Sniper Cup event on a range near Sofia that will retest his shooting skills. By Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star. SENT IN ADVANCE: 370 words.

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