Commissioner Morman works on filling precinct 2 with recreational spaces

November 19, 2018

Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Jack Morman’s office is currently working on adding and improving their parks and recreational facilities to improve quality of life for their residents.

Precinct 2 currently has 50 parks and occasionally Morman’s office gets requests to add new parks, trails or to add new amenities to existing parks.

“The hike and bike trails have been the biggest request in recent years and this is where we have been concentrating our efforts,” Precinct 2 Parks Director Kyle Kelley said.

Some popular parks in precinct 2 include:

W.E Bill Crowley Park in East Aldine

North Shore Park/Jim & Joann Fonteno Family Park in the North Shore area

Juan Seguin Park in La Porte

Bay Area Park in Pasadena

Clear Lake Park in Houston

Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena

Sylvan Beach Park in La Porte

Here in the Lake Houston area precinct 2 is currently working on the 19-acre Atascocita Park which will also include a 1-acre dog park, expected to be open to the public late 2019 and the first [phase of the 8-mile Atascocita Hike & Bike Trail also anticipated to be completed in 2019.

“We wanted to make sure this addressed the needs of the community, so we met with a number of neighborhoods, business, and other government entities to help lead us in the right direction,” said Commissioner Morman in a previous article. This project is part of an 8-mile-long concept that will provide trail connectivity between neighborhoods and businesses throughout Atascocita. “I’m very proud to provide this community with a recreational amenity,” said Commissioner Morman. “We’ve had a lot of focus on transportation in recent years, so I think projects like this and our new park will be great for the area.”

Some parks and trails precinct 2 that are also under construction or renovation include:

Bay Area Hike & Bike Trail

Crosby Park Trail

Riley Chambers Park

Cedar Grove Park

Dad’s Club Sports Complex

“The new parks and trail came about because Commissioner Morman identified them to be necessities for the community. Commissioner Morman had the vision for a new park in the Atascocita area, as it lacked a county park that offered passive recreation,”Kelley said. “As for the trails, it’s no secret that Atascocita is booming with new businesses, an increase in housing developments, school developments, and so forth. This hike and bike trail can not only serve as a means to reduce traffic congestion, but also boost economic growth by connecting the community to local businesses and improve health for those who utilize the trail.”


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