SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ Silicon Valley's workplaces are going to the dogs. Along with a few cats, birds, rodents and fish.

A growing number of high-tech companies are letting their employees bring their animals to work after discovering that making pet owners happy can be good business.

Employees no longer feel they have to make it home at a certain hour to care for Fido or Fluffy. And a pet-friendly workplace can help attract and keep good workers, many of whom care as much for their pets as parents do for their children.

Companies don't exactly let pets have the run of the workplace. They require that animals be confined to their owners' work spaces. Dogs must be leashed, licensed and have all their shots.

Personnel managers at Netscape Communications Corp., Excite! Inc. and Autodesk Inc. say they haven't received any complaints so far.

For Rafhael Cedeno, a software engineer, bringing his Yorkshire terrier to work is so important that he won't take a job where he can't.

``(He) would be upset if I didn't bring him to work,'' Cedeno said.